• A complete technology partnerfor smarter embedded and IoT solutions

    A complete
    technology partner

    for smarter embedded and IoT solutions

  • A Smarter solutions starts from inside

    Smarter solutions
    from inside

    Data Respons Solutions develops and delivers custom
    solutions by combining engineering services
    with standard embedded computer products
    from leading partners. We are involved
    throughout the entire process,from
    specification and development to
    volume deliveries and next generation issues.

  • Smarter Maritime Solutions

    Customised and maritime certified solutions

    Data Respons has in-depth industry know-how and more than 30 years’ experience in developing software, smarter IoT and embedded solutions certified for extreme and challenging environments.

  • Rugged solutions for extreme conditions

    Rugged solutions
    for extreme conditions

    In tough, challenging environments computer equipment must have
    special qualities in order to function optimally. This is especially important
    if the system must meet the demands of classification companies.

  • Transportation-Solutions

    Smarter Transportation Solutions

    Our clients in the field of transportation face the challenge of making their systems, solutions and digital interfaces smarter. Equip your application for the future with intelligent transportation solutions.

  • Nordic-to-Asian Value Chain

    A key success factor for Data Respons Solutions is that we can deliver the benefits of faster development and production time, reduced cost and access to the latest technology. Our local innovation and world-class production is the major benefit for our customers. Data Respons becomes a stepping stone into Asia for our customers, where our presence ensures an optimal synthesis of local innovation, global production and cost effective logistics.

  • Smarter Medical Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

    Smarter Medical Technology

    Data Respons Solutions develops and delivers certified embedded solutions for a wide range
    of medical applications to support healthcare specialists in all stages of care.