• Industrial automation

Smarter Industrial Automation

The Smart Factory, robotised, digitalised and data driven (AI), changes the way we look at production and automation going forward. The ongoing evolution from smart optical sensors to data analytics based on big data processing increases the speed, quality and reduce cost of all industrial and consumer products and goods.

Data Respons works closely with customers in all aspects of this comprehensive industry. That being building smarter robots, developing sensor based systems to software heavy and cloud based asset management systems.



Control systems for reverse vending systems, waste recognition & sorting

Intelligent sensor monitoring (temperature, humidity & radiation)

Predictive analytics for automation and production

Advanced test systems and applications

Control systems for robots

Optical Sensor based measurement systems

Asset management systems

Smart factory systems (AI) for predictive production and robotising

Reliable Ethernet-based monitoring system

Machine vision for industrial automation

System solutions for control, command and surveillance of machinery

Data Acquisition (DAQ) and control