• Space, Defence & Security

Space, Defence & Security

The ongoing digitalisation is creating new opportunities across all industries. Robust sensors, secure communication, and advanced video processing and image solutions is enabling the industry to explore new areas and improve operational accuracy without compromising human lives.

Data Respons has extensive know-how and experience with R&D development in this sector including military standards, environmental stress factors, security and government requirements. Our customers are leading global companies that supply turn-key systems to various sections of the defence industry and armed forces.



Extreme ruggedised fire control computer (MIL-STD-810F) for armoured military vehicles

Application software for missile systems

Simulation, training and digital applications

Cyber security applications and solutions

Electronics and embedded solutions for space applications

Systems and solutions for drones, robots and ROVs

Safety-critical systems and solutions

Rugged embedded solutions and computers for defence and aerospace

High-end video processing and camera interfaces for image tracking

Control, navigation, alarm and security

Systems and solutions for naval operations and maritime environment