MTCS Train Control System Controller – CompactPCI-Serial / -PlusIO – MH50C

Modular Train Control System for Safe Applications in Transportation

MH50C – MTCS Train Control System Controller – CompactPCI-Serial / -PlusIO


The MH50C is the central component of the menTCS train control system for safety-critical vehicle or wayside applications like ATO/ATC or ATP based on ERTMS/ETCS, PTC, PZB/Indusi or ZUB.


Technical Specifications

  • For Applications up to SIL4 (EN5012x) or SIL3 (IEC61508)
  • Certified safe CPU board with 3 CPUs
  • Safe I/O boards
  • QNX safe operating system available
  • Certification packages available
  • Extensible by distributed safe I/O boxes connected via real-time Ethernet
  • Optional MVB, RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN, GPS
  • Compact 40 HP application-ready system
  • Rack-mounted or wall-mounted
  • For rolling stock and wayside applications

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