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Data Respons develops and delivers custom solutions by combining engineering services with standard embedded computer products from leading partners.

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Tell us about your requirements, and we will help you to develop a solution that is adapted to your surroundings. Specifications may include parameters for conditions such as temperature fluctuations, vibration or humidity. In addition, special adaptations such as form or performance requirements or industry certifications may be required.

Customised development

The development of embedded solutions is tailored to each individual customer and project. Data Respons can help customers at every stage of design, development and production – from prototype to serial delivery. This demands a system perspective on embedded solutions and knowledge of customised HW/SW development, choice of technology platform and suppliers, preparation of test documentation and certification of prototypes.


Next generation is about helping our customers prepare for further development. An embedded solution normally involves a fair number of components from several suppliers, and we keep our customers up-to-date with regards to changes, upgrades and end-of-life issues. In addition we advise on alternative solutions and next generation technology.

Prototyping, testing and industrialisation

Prototyping, testing and industrialisation are part of our operational capabilities. Data Respons has comprehensive local testing facilities and cooperates closely with major test laboratories, enabling us to test products and solutions according to specific customer needs. We provide our customers with quality assurance, predictability and traceability. We can handle all necessary paperwork in terms of shipping and customs, or ship products directly to the customer or to the end-customer.

Our test facilities

Running into test problems at an accredited lab can be a very costly affair. Detecting, eliminating and fixing compliance issues at an early stage can not only reduce costs and time to market, it can improve your chances of passing fully accredited certification tests.
Data Respons Solutions has the necessary equipment for pre-testing in accordance to customer functionality. Our team of experienced engineers perform pre-certification tests for you, within sectors such as automotive, consumer, marine, medical, defence, subsea and telecom.
“If your product or system passes our pre-compliance tests, it’s a good indication that it will pass fully accredited certification tests,” says Ingvild Johansen, OEM Solution Department Manager.
In the event that a product or system fails to pass the tests, we can provide rapid assistance in identifying the problems as well as access resources to resolve them. Data Respons Solutions also has expertise and equipment for development tests and pre-certification tests for consultancy services.

Pre-test benefits
• Detect, eliminate & fix issues at an early